Julia Gala de Pablo, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

Making a difference by developing innovative single-cell biophysical techniques to answer biomedical questions

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Julia Gala de Pablo
  • Current Position

    I am a Research Fellow in Genomics and Neuroscience at the University of Leeds in Lukacs Lab, using genetic and flow cytometry tools towards gene discovery in sensory Neuroscience (2022-2024).

  • Postdoctoral experience

    In my previous contract, I worked as a JSPS Research Fellow at the University of Tokyo in Goda Lab, researching on FT-CARS bioapplications to vibrational cell cytometry (2019-2021).

  • Doctoral degree

    I did my PhD in Physics at the University of Leeds in the Molecular and Nanoscale Physics Group on Raman confocal spectroscopy and microspectroscopy for single-cell analysis and Raman-microfluidics integration.

  • Experimental techniques

    I am confident with single-cell microscopy techniques, including ultrafast microscopy and Raman spectroscopy and microspectroscopy of single-cells and tissue. I have extensive experience in mammalian cell culture, using multiple adherent and non-adherent human cell lines. I also have training on microfluidic devices use and fabrication using soft-lithography rapid-prototyping techniques (SU8 and PDMS) and working in a clean-room environment.